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Book: Managing FileVault in macOS 10.15 Catalina

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This page will be used to track pending or submitted corrections or updates to the book.

IMPORTANT: to update the book on macOS, delete it from your library and download it again. It seems that the Books app on macOS doesn't trigger the update notification.
25/03/2020: Initial version 1 released and published
28/03/2020 - Version 2:
  • Chapter Generating SecureToken page 20: added clarification for situations where account creation was skipped but a login was done by any local admin account. Either the ‘managed admin’ or any local admin created outside of the Setup Assistant. This triggers both SecureToken generation as Bootstrap token escrow.
  • Section Fixing SecureToken Issues page 62: rewritten entirely
  • Small typo corrections

Travelling Tech Guy
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