Hi all!

As mentioned in my previous post, I took some time over the last few weeks to gather all my findings on managing FileVault in macOS Catalina into an iBook.

I hereby want to let you know that the book has been published, and is available in the Apple Book Store as from now! As the target audience is the Mac Admins community, I decided to make the book available as “Digital Only”, without any plans to make it available outside the Apple Book Store (no printed copies either).

This is, apart from my Master’s graduation thesis (15 years ago), my very first publication. Writing books is not my main occupation, and compared to writing blog post it’s a bit ‘the next level’. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have comments, tech or non-tech, suggestions or recommendations, as I do plan to maintain this book with future updates and corrections.

Join the Mac Admins Slack channel #book-managing-filevault to discuss the book! https://www.macadmins.org/

That’s it! I hope the book will be useful as a reference guide to clarify some FileVault related challenges or roadblocks you might have, and allow newer Mac Admins to get up to speed with the matter!

Enjoy reading!