Wow, what a surprise indeed! That moment you are in the middle of mentioning the capabilities of Nomad to the sys admin you are on-boarding in Jamf Pro… the news of the year rolls in…!

Nomad is Jamf… wait, what? Can’t be?!… Time for a small break in the on-boarding session to figure out what just happened!

Yes, there is was, the email from Dean (Jamf CEO), followed by a lot of excitement in the internal chats, emails and other channels. Indeed, Nomad is Jamf and there is Jamf Connect now… just WOW!

But why all the fuzz? What’s Nomad anyway? Why is this such a big news?

Well, let’s go back to the old days where all sys admins were binding Macs to Active Directory… why? Multiple reasons, I’m not saying all valid reasons, just reasons

Let’s pauze on this for a moment.

When training people on how the use Jamf and Jumpstarting them to be successful with Apple… there is always that moment where the 2 following questions arise… 1- Are you using any sort of Directory Service, such as Active Directory? and 2– If yes, are you binding your Macs to the AD?

Yes on question 1, and no on question 2, and I’m happy… knowing I’m in for an easy ride, no fuzz, no heavy discussions. But the larger the company or the environment to manage is, the bigger the changes are that both questions are answered with a solid YES. YES on both questions, and suddenly I’m walking on thin ice… First of all, because I’m not an AD admin/expert, and because I don’t know ALL the specifics and needs of the existing infrastructure…  But also because of the question on how to, gently and carefully, tell the sys admin that there might be, maybe, if the stars align, a better way of doing things… without putting anyone on their high horse… by telling him/her NOT to bind Macs to Active Directory.

Tell a seasoned sys admin, mainly experienced in the domain of managing Windows devices, not to bind his/her Macs to AD… and you might feel the sudden presence of a shotgun pointed at you…

What? No Bind? Are you crazy? We need it! For security, for inventory, for certificates, because we do it on Windows PC, because I have to (said who?) etc… like I said reasons

And yes, there might be very specific scenarios where binding Macs would make sense, if there is really no other way of achieving your goals, but guess what! In the majority of the cases where I risk my life going against the flow, waiving the shotgun or dodging the bullet… we end up agreeing there is a better way of doing things!

Leave the bind behind, keep the features, avoid the trouble and enjoy the time you just freed up by making your life easier! Imagine there was a magic tool which could do that! Would be awesome right?

Well, for those who are late for the party… there has been a tool like that for quite some time by now… and it’s called Nomad. Yes, N O M A D, as in NO More Active Directory! Well,… the “binding Macs to it” part, that is.

Have a look at it, it’s awesome… magic it is!

So what’s all the fuzz about Nomad and Jamf today? Well, this: Jamf Acquired Nomad! Big news? Hell yes it is! Think about the awesome capabilities of this tool, created by Orchard & Grove, and combine it with the structure and ressources a company like Jamf has to offer and you will, for sure, understand how big the future for this tool is! Exciting times in the domain of enhancing the way we all manage our Apple devices.

To summarise it: just awesome news!

That’s all for this “flash post”- just wanted to share the excitement of the moment!

This said, let’s do another Nomad related tech post… coming up soon!