Very short post! I promise 🙂

Unless I’m missing something (it’s getting late in the evening), Jamf Pro 10.18 does not report any inventory information yet about whether or not a macOS Catalina device has been Bootstrapped.

Hence, I wrote a very simple Extension Attribute to do so, which can then be used as criteria for Smart Groups and Advanced Searches.

# very simple Extension Attribute to collect Bootstrap information
# copy script to an EA in Jamf Pro Settings -> Computer -> Extension Attribute
# EA input type: script
# 28th of January 2020 - By Travelling Tech Guy
bootstrap=$(profiles status -type bootstraptoken)
if [[ $bootstrap == *"escrowed to server: YES"* ]]; then
	echo "YES, Bootstrap escrowed"
	echo "NO, Bootstrap not escrowed"
echo "<result>$result</result>"

Create the Extension Attribute…

Run a recon or wait till next inventory update…

Yes, here I had a Bootstrapped Mac… 🙂 not matching the Smart Group screenshots below 🙂

… and create a Smart Group …

Add your EA as criteria, and as only Catalina has Bootstrap functionality add a second criteria with “Operation System Version LIKE 10.15”.

That’s it! Add it to the Dashboard if you want.

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