Apart from bigger posts on heavier topics, I also want to use this channel to quickly share some handy tips and tricks, or cool little tools which I like to use. Like this one…

Many of us have some kind of homelab for testing purposes right? Or even an entire company testing environment.

So, most likely you have an Active Directory sitting somewhere, which you use to test all kind of AD related stuff. Such as, integrating LDAP into Jamf Pro, binding Macs to AD (yeah, I know, to bind or not to bind… I’ll have to tackle that discussion soon) or any other AD related functionality.

So yes, I also configured some test servers in the past. Installed Active Directory, created some virtual users and groups,… ending up with the most boring names ever… I’m not going to list any of them, in order not to offend anyone of you (especially colleagues, friends and family) who, by coincidence, might have the same name as my test users and to avoid any discussion on why some were domain admins, and others just normal users in this virtual environment 🙂

However, this all changed when I came across this awesome little gem: Active Directory Star Wars PowerShell Module

All credits to the creator of this nice little tool, who also put all the necessary instructions on how to use it on the link above, so I’m just sharing this as multiple people asked me “hey, what was that Star Wars AD thing you used again?”.

The module uses the Star Wars API *** UPDATE: new link: https://swapi.dev ***and the idea behind it is just to fill your test AD with cool Star Wars creatures, groups and sites, and all kinds of relevant attributes to play with.

So are all of the AD users Star Wars characters, who are member of the group equal to their species, as well as the Star Wars Episode they appear in. Sites are planets, and multiple attributes are filled in with additional information on the character. All based on the Star Wars API (see above).

How cool is that for creating your test AD!

Up to you to decide whether Yoda or Vader becomes the Domain Admin…

May the Force be with you when testing Active Directory!

(This is just the first of my quick sharing posts. As said, my goal with this blog is creating a balance between posting bigger topics – ambition for those is once a week, and quick posts like this whenever I come across something which I feel might be interesting to share)